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, 01-09-2019 - Tool Spotlight: Wolff Pro Circle Cutter

For precise cutting and scribing of circles

The pro circle cutter is a fast, easy and precise way to make circles in sheet goods that is nondestructive. Perfect for basketball courts! No templates, cutouts, strings or nails needed.

  • Mark using a pencil, apply plexiglass with double sided tape.
  • Apply cutter to the plexi with the suction cups. Measure for circle size (a diameter of up to 8-1/2' - with extensions over 92').
  • Circle can be scribed and finished with a hook blade or cut all the way through the sheet if placed on soft wood.
  • With the groover attachment accessory, finished circles can also be grooved out with the circle cutter for heat welding.

See the Pro Circle Cutter in Action!


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