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Ulm, Germany, 02-15-2014 - Award for Uzin Utz AG at "Best Innovator"

Uzin Utz AG, full-range provider of flooring systems, has been awarded third place for outstanding performance in innovation management by the "Best Innovator 2012/2013" competition. A.T. Kearney and the "WirtschaftsWoche" award companies and management teams who practice the management of innovations effectively and in a sustained manner. Federal minister for Economy and Technology, Dr. Philipp Rösler, is the patron of the competition. The award winners were announced on 7 February at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in Berlin.

A.T. Kearny and the "WirtschaftsWoche" grant the awards at this year's "Best Innovator 2012/2013" competition to companies who distinguish themselves through professional innovation management processes from among over 100 participants A special award is granted for strong supplier integration. Uzin Utz AG, the prize winner from Ulm, was honoured for the high commitment of the executive board, the role as innovation motor of the industry and a pronounced forward-looking understanding for future requirements. "The full-range provider for flooring systems with worldwide activities, Uzin Utz AG, has focused on sustainability. The executive board looks into the future, and using 'Strategic Fore-Sighting' the state of flooring in 30 years is anticipated. Professional innovation man-agement is an absolute must here" judges the jury.

For many years the building chemistry manufacturer from Ulm has been the forerunner with the development of new and sustained products in all aspects of flooring. The commitment to new technologies and ways of thinking, coupled with sustained corporate management, belong together like two sides of a coin for the company from Ulm. "Our ongoing research and development activities in the direction of low emission and healthy living installation products, as well as innovative flooring systems, have been awarded once more", delights the chairman of the board of Uzin Utz AG, Dr. H. Werner Utz. "We will continue to reinforce our inventive spirit and innovative force", says the company's CEO, who initiated the visionary "The future at your feet" project for the development of future flooring at the occasion of the 100-year anniversary of the family company.

The award ceremony
The award ceremony took place at the "Best Innovator Executive Roundtable" on 7 February 2013 at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in Berlin. The Executive Roundtable presented the Best Practices of the winning companies and chosen finalists and demonstrated concrete approaches using these example of how sustained innovation management can be achieved. Market and technology dynamic understanding, partnering as well as innovation success were the focal topics. Rational AG, the manufacturer of large and industrial kitchen appliances from the Bavarian Landsberg, was awarded the first place, followed by the Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH and Uzin Utz AG on place three.